I was born in Istanbul, Turkey. I became vegetarian at the age of 13, inside a hospital in Istanbul when during a small laser operation, I clearly caught the smell of grilled meat and soon realized in terror that it was my burning skin! I never ate meat again since that time! Allmost all of my life I remember my self cooking meals for my friends and co-crew. After my first trip to India, I decided to make cooking my main profession. First as a volunteer in ‘Shambala camping’ in south Turkey , I prepared meals for thousands of people. I turned into veganism in 2010. After that, I cooked professionally for many restaurants and eateries in the touristic town of Kas, I travelled back to India where I created my own restaurant in the city of Goa and was invited to join one of the biggest festivals in the world ‘O.z.o.r.a festival’ where I cooked for 40.000 people, veganized traditional turkish and greek food. Last but not least, I moved to Greece one and a half year ago with the intention to stay, and found a job in the vegan restaurant ‘Mama Tierra’ in Athens, where I met with Nicolas! Soon after, an opportunity rose to start our own small business on Patmos, the island of the Apocalypse!
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